After Thoughts Blog

Tech Turmoil and Triumphs

Embarking on our video podcast journey, we encountered unexpected tech hurdles. Unveiling the truth behind my wife's lavalier mic mishap, we discovered the resilience of our studio mic. Spotify listeners, fear not – her voice is crystal clear. Lessons learned: always double-check the tech!

The Visual Feast on YouTube and Rumble

Flawless video quality graced our screens, effortlessly making its way to YouTube and Rumble. Acknowledging the power of preparation, we bid farewell to dead audio space. Editing just got easier, and we're loving it!

Studio Vibes – From Backyard Casual to Professional Chic

Contemplating a studio makeover for a more polished look. Goodbye "Big Jim's Big Backyard Studio," hello professionalism. And did you know, in Arizona, Christmas comes without snow? Time to share our salt-on-margaritas tradition.

Merchandise Magic in the Making

New merchandise is on the horizon, with our graphic designer working tirelessly on fresh concepts. Get ready for exciting additions to The Big Jim Show family.

Community Laughter Every Tuesday

Are you part of our Facebook community? Join The Big Jim Show every Tuesday at 6 PM for a live comedy experience. Double the laughter is coming your way, with two episodes each week. Days are TBD, but the hilarity is guaranteed.

Boosting Views and Connecting with You

SEO strategies are in full swing to boost views. Engage with our blogs and share your thoughts – your comments mean the world to us. Plus, sign up for our email newsletter for exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Conclusion: Creating Joy and Laughter Together

We hope you're enjoying the ride as much as we are. The joy of creating these episodes is unparalleled, and we're committed to sharing laughter and stories with you. Stay tuned, stay connected, and let the good times roll with The Big Jim Show!